segunda-feira, abril 21, 2014

Blanco S/S14

Hello folks!
I'm not a Monday person, but today was a great day. I work my ass off (not at the gym) 
and I'm really tired but my day was great and I can't be more hapier! Hope you're feeling so good as me haha 
Anyway, tomorrow I have a free day and so I'm going to do a little shopping maybe ;) 
Today I show you the new Spring lookbook from Blanco. I actually don't buy that much in this store, 
but I love some pieces of this shoot and I also love the pictures. 
You know I love white clothes, specially for Summer, so this lookbook couldn't be more perfect. 
My favourite pieces are the blouse in the first picture and the striped skirt! What about your favourites? 


3 comentários:

Chic Diary disse...

amo a saia da terceira fotografa

Chic Diary disse...

a zara está com uma coleção irresistível, principalmente nos sapatos

Chic Diary disse...

ja fui la cuscar são mesmo lindas! são confortáveis?