segunda-feira, abril 07, 2014

Home Decor | Inspiration

Hello folks! It's Monday again, the sun is not shinning and I'm kind of bored. 
I love decoration in all it's ways and home decor is one of my favourite things. 
I have lots of ideas (and too many pictures) for my house one day. 
Almost all white, very clean and easy, but with a personal twist, of course. 
A little bit of color here and there, lots of frames and candles. 
Big windows and open spaces. A biiiiig bedroom and a walk-in closet! 
My family usually to say that I dream too big, but the truth is that I don't. 
I just dream, as much as I can. And they just don't dream enough ;) 

Hope you like the pictures and lots of love! 


3 comentários:

Joana Santos disse...

Adoro estas imagens!! :P
Mas amei mesmo a 7 imagem!! :D

Marta Cunha disse...

obrigada por teres participado, em breve publicarei a página :) beijinhos

Marisa Ferreira disse...

Só espaços bonitos e inspiradores!