quarta-feira, março 19, 2014

Sunday Trip

ph/ me & my mom 

Sunday was a great day. We leave early to Fátima and then to Leiria. 
We went to this amazing place called Quinta do Paul and I had the best meal ever! 
Seriously, it has a self-service so you can just eat whatever you want. 
There was so many delicious food! It was like a wedding! :p 
Besides all the food, the day was amazing (really like summer!) so we enjoyed the beautiful place. 
It was a great trip! I certainly do want to repeat some day soon!! 

Hope you like the pictures and lots of love! 

I was wearing:
H&M // white blouse (new) 
Stradivarius // Jeans 
Lefties // Sunglasses (new)
Swatch // Scuba Libre watch
Converse // All Star (new)


3 comentários:

Joana Santos disse...

Ai tanta coisa boa!! Aquela frutinha toda, o fondue, YUMMI!:P

Catarina Mendes disse...

Adoro os oculos de sol

TehTeh disse...

belos sunnies! e belas paisagens também =)