sexta-feira, junho 21, 2013

Zara current wishlist

Zara current wishlist

Hello again, world! 
I've been missing but you must understand, I got the night shift this week and as you may guess I get home late and in the morning I just want to sleep as much as I can! Next week I'm in the morning shift and it will be easier to update the blog. I don't have no one to photograph me and my outfits, so that's something just more difficult to appear here in the next few weeks. I will manage that don't worry. 

For now, we finally start the sales season (as summer, yey!) so I'm really happy with that! Zara got some cool prices on some pieces that I was dating for some time now and so I'm going to my nearest Zara shop tomorrow! 
Here you have my wishes for now. I'm hoping to bring at least two pair of trousers, the white shirt and the cow print shorts: let's see if I can catch them!! Wish me luck :p

Which one is your favourite?

I also have some new clothes to show to you that I bought some weeks ago. I will show them too as soon as possible. 

Have a nice weekend everyone! 

2 comentários:

Claudina disse...

Adoro as peças!

Joana Santos disse...

Gosto das calças de zebra :)