terça-feira, abril 10, 2012


I want to try some outfit with this two romantic
and sweet colors, but I realised that I don't 
have this colors in my closet. True. 

So, I do some research and I found some pretty beauties. 
Want to see? 

(e só me apercebi agora que escrevi em inglês, estranho!)

collage made by me 

What do you think about this combination of colors? And about my choices? 

And how was your Easter, sweeties? Mine was simple, but good. I eat too many cake! 
Have a nice Wednesday! 

Tomorrow I have some news for you, so stay tuned!* 

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14 comentários:

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} disse...

I have to admit that I hate the lavender smell, so so much, but as a color is really beautiful.

Zanna disse...

gostei do blog :D
sigo :P

Zanna disse...

mas não tas a seguir^^?

-telmasofia disse...

Aii essa camisa, é lindaa*
xoxo, telmasofiia.blogspot.com

Cátia G. disse...

Claro que sim! Já estou a seguir!
e acho muito boa ideia a rubrica!

Closet2Me disse...

Gosto das escolhas ;)



maa és super linda! :)

Anónimo disse...

claro que sim fofinha! :) já estou a seguir, agora faltas tu. tu és lindissima

Anónimo disse...
Este comentário foi removido por um gestor do blogue.
Zoe disse...

Well, I changed the title of the blog so I changed the URL too cause I think it has more personality!:)
By the way, do you want to follow each other on bloglovin'??????

Zoe disse...

Thanks! I'll follow you now!:)

Anónimo disse...

sou do algarve e tu? :) olha ainda não me apareces nos seguidores :s

Cátia G. disse...

Comprei na Max! existe em quase todos os shoppings!!

Joyce disse...

This outfit you put together is amazing, I love the lavender color with pink and those shoes are just so pretty :) now following.